Description: You've got your dads credit card. Buy as much as you can and plunge him into the sweet state of debt before he catches you.

Made with Unity Engine

Fonts:  '04b_19' by   -  '3Dventure' by memesbruh03

Music Made Using:  Bosca Ceoil

Sprites Made Using:  pixels.pmx

SFX Made Using:  BFXR


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Lol Awesome game I love it good job


Had so much fun having my virtual rich dad...!! Looking forward to actual shipping...(especially dark matter)


this clicker game was pretty simple, but yet had you make interesting decisions to try and win. i dont really like clicker games but i played this one till i won

Ha ha love the idea. However, the 'dad' should have less money or go slower. Nice game though. Maybe you could add some kind of power-up or prize-raiser to make the gameplay more interesting

Thanks! Yea there was a lot I had to cut since I didn't have time to work on it during the school week. I might add more to it in the  future.

720p monitor Firefox Linux the game screen is not shown in a playable way.

Thanks. Working on a fix now

Should be fixed now